Churchs and Religious Organizations

Colorado Inside Scoop understands that finding a place of worship can be frustrating and time consuming.  We understand how difficult it can be for people of faith to find a comfortable place for worship.  No matter what your denomination, Baptist, Christian, Catholic, Episcopal, Jehovah, Jewish, Lutheran, Methodist or Unitarian, to name a few, there is a place of worship for you.  Even if you are unsure, in this section you will find local Golden, CO Churches or locations for worship.  In this section you will find Churches offering Sunday Service, Education, Baptizing, Marriage, and First Communion.  Browse our churches to find one that fits your religious needs.

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Golden Church of Christ                                                          303-279-3872 1100 Ulysses St, Golden, CO

Fairmount Bible Church                                                          303-279-4491
15100 W 48th Ave, Golden, CO

Mother Cabrini Shrine                                                             303-526-0758
20189 Cabrini Blvd, Golden, CO

St John Chrysostom Church                                                     303-604-9815
1716 S Golden Rd, Golden, CO

Activation Ministry Center                                                        303-526-0190
166 S Lookout Mountain Rd, Golden, CO

Lightheart Ministries                                                                303-526-0533
528 Commons Dr, Golden, CO

Inspiration Views                                                                     303-526-1241
1409 Pine View Pl, Golden, CO

Chapel In The Hills                                                                  303-642-3130
29579 Highway 72, Golden, CO

Seventh-Day Adventist Church                                                303-279-4251
3101 S Golden Rd, Golden, CO

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Golden Church of Christ
1100 Ulysess Street
Golden, CO
Non  Profit Organizations are businesses that do not profit from the money given to them, they put any profit back into the cause their organization supports.  Non Profit organizations (NPO) includes charities, trade unions, trade associations and Public arts Org.
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Ali Baba Grill - Lebonese and Persian
Anthony's Pizza & Pasta
Blue Canyon Bar & Grill - casual fare
Bono's Italian Restaurant
Briarwood Inn - continental
Cody Inn Restaurant Restaurant
El Dorado Mexican Restaurant
El Señor Sol - Mexican
El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant
Empanada Express - Venezuelan
Grappa Bistro - mediterranean
Halu Sushi
Hop's Restaurant & Brewery - brewpub
In the Zone Sports Bar - casual fare
Lonestar Steakhouse - casual
Macaroni Grill

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Applewood Community Church
A Place To Connect and Grow
12930 West 32nd Avenue
Golden, CO 80401
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Phone 303-640-7203
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