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Need a Flu shot, Emergency Care, a Health Specialist, Surgery, Physical, Health check up, Lab test, or physical exam?  In this section you will find quality health care providers, clinics and offices offering medical care.  Don’t put your health at risk; assume responsibility for your well-being.  We know it’s hard to find a quality health physician, one that offers you comfort, hope, safety and peace.   Find physicians specializing in: Cancer, Cardiovascular Health, Breast Examinations, Childbirth, Emergency Services, Ear, Nose, and Throat Services, Gynecologists, Immunizations, Medical Imaging, Neuro Sciences, Pediatrics, Pharmacies, Physical Exams, Surgical Care, Trauma Services, and Wellness Classes.
Find a Doctor or Specialist you can talk to and ease your mind about your medical health.

Inside Scoop connects customers to Local Colorado restaurants through our online business directory. Here is where your going to get the best discounted price for food and drinks. In most cases we have made special arrangements with Golden businesses to give special discounts because we save you and the business travel time and promote local area business growth.

Participating companies will put a Scoopon Discount Coupon logo near their business with special pricing offers. You'll be able to use these Scoopons by showing the Scoopon to the place of business via phone or printed copy.
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L o c a l   A r e a   H e a l t h   C a r e
Ali Baba Grill - Lebonese and Persian
Anthony's Pizza & Pasta
Blue Canyon Bar & Grill - casual fare
Bono's Italian Restaurant
Briarwood Inn - continental
Cody Inn Restaurant Restaurant
El Dorado Mexican Restaurant
El Señor Sol - Mexican
El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant
Empanada Express - Venezuelan
Grappa Bistro - mediterranean
Halu Sushi
Hop's Restaurant & Brewery - brewpub
In the Zone Sports Bar - casual fare
Lonestar Steakhouse - casual
Macaroni Grill

Mannie and Bo's Pizzaria - pizza and more
Mimi's Cafe - breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Old Capitol Grill - casual fare
Outback Steakhouse
Santiago's - Mexican
Sherpa House - Nepalese, Tibetan
Simms Steakhouse
Spot Bar & Grill
Sushi Uokura
The Table Mountain Inn - southwestern
Tafolino's Fine Mexican Cuisine
Tequila's Mexican Restaurant
Three Tomatoes Steakhouse at Fossli Trace Golf Club
Westfalen Hof - German
Windy Saddle Cafe - breakfast, lunch
Woody's Wood Fired Pizza
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